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When you mention German-language indie rock, most people think of Tocotronic or maybe Kraftklub. But those born after 1990 will probably also know Betterov. And they will be able to sing along to hits such as “Dussmann”, as tends to happen in his concerts. However, Betterov’s energetic guitar music with shoegaze and post-punk elements doesn’t just speak to the younger generation. The sensitive lyrics, which convey plenty of bittersweet big-city melancholy, also play a part in that. Manuel Bittorf grew up in a village in Thuringia and came to love the spotlight at a theatre in Eisenach. The singer and guitarist has since sold out countless clubs in Berlin – even before releasing his debut album. Musikexpress are clearly not the only ones who appreciate the “emotionally stirring joy of listening to Betterov’s world-weariness.”